Laugher in the Parsonage

HI...this page is stories from myself and other PW's that have amusing stories to tell about their days in the parsonage....alot of the stories here will be from my growing up as a PK...If you have a story you would like to share, please email it to me, you will be given credit as the author of the story. Please include Laughter in the Parsonage in your subject line, so I will know what your email is about, email me at Thank you.


The New Easter Dress....

When I was about 12 years old, my mother made me a beautiful Easter dress. It was peach colored with lovely roses on it, peach colored roses of course, my hair was long enough to fix like Laura's on Little House on the Prairie braided and twisted up the sides of my head. I was very excited about Easter that year. The week before Easter, we as a family went fishing, NOW as a child fishing was not something I enjoyed, I always took a book or two to read while the rest of the family fished. I was sitting reading and not paying attention to what I was sitting near, and started absent mindedly pulling leaves and rubbing them together and then on my arms, never once noticing that they were Poison Ivy leaves, well by the next morning I was broke out MAJOR. It was obvious that I had rubbed my hands in my face also, and it was even more obvious that I was allergic to Poison Ivy. OHH dear, here I am the week before Easter and a new dress, and a HORRIBLE case of Poison Ivy. Easter morning dawns bright and clear, and of course it was our church's turn to have the sunrise service, my Poison Ivy, has NOT cleared up, my eyes are nearly swollen closed, and it was time for service. I put on my new Easter dress, and Momma done up my hair...and off to church we head for sunrise service. OHHHH we all know that there is one of "those" kind of people in every small town, I am sitting there miserable from the Poison Ivy, itching, and running. I know it is horrible looking and here comes "that" person. She was actually a neighbor of ours, and she said, Oh Cindy, your dress is beautiful, your hair looks so cute like that, but YOUR FACE LOOKS HORRIBLE...OHHH it was so hurtful at that moment, but we have laughed about that over the years. Did this woman imagine that I did not realize my face was swollen and running with Poison Ivy. Just one of those fun moments we go through as Preacher's Kids.Cindy Loven




When I was a kid, when the evangelist came for revivals, unless they traveled with a travel trailer or motor home, they stayed in our home. My brother and I always loved when evangelists came for revivals, it meant hours of funny stories around the kitchen table, lots of YUMMY food. One year my dad had a young evangelist come, he was only 16 years old. He kept my brother and I in stitches with his funny antics, he would stand in the bedroom door and wrap his arms around his waist and act like he was kissing someone, with his back to us. We of course, thought this was hilarious, in retrospect we were just encouraging him. One thing you should understand about our family, growing up in the parsonage, was that we had no television, so we were all avid readers. One night I mentioned to him that I had a box of Hardy Boys books in the storage closet, he wanted to see them. So instead of asking for help, off I go into the closet to dig for them. BIG MISTAKE!!! My mom had all the home canned vegetables on a gray metal shelf and the boxes of books were wedged in between the shelves and the wall, I pulled it out and down came the shelf of vegetables too. OH dear, my mom came shooting in there...all the broken jars of her hard work, I was speechless and in shock at what I had done, I KNEW I was in deep deep trouble, the evangelist disappeared into his room. Everyone knows that mad Momma's are something to hide from, she sent me to my room, she was so upset with me, I think she was afraid to whip me, afraid she would kill me. By morning she was calm and wanted to know what I was doing, it all blew over. The revival was a good one, as he was packing up to leave my mom was following him around asking, are you sure you got everything, oh he was sure. WE all had a good laugh when he had been gone about a hour and mom went to the rest room and there was his toothbrush and toothpaste.



Daddy's Job

In addition to pastoring, my dad worked as a carpenter on several different crews, one year he worked with 2 brothers, James and John. Daddy would come home telling stories about them, and he always talked about them speaking French (his code for them cursing). Well my brother and I didnt understand that is was "code". One day mom cooked lunch for Daddy and the guys, and so me and my brother was soooo excited, he were finally going to hear them talk French, we are all eating lunch, and one of us asked them, "Can you talk French for us," they were so embarassed, and my dad cracked up.~Cindy Loven~

Rock and Roll in the Church
My little brother worked all the time when we were kids and he saved money like a miser..and I do mean like a miser, well he bought himself a set of drums, and one day during his senior year, he thought Mom and Daddy were going to be gone from home all day, so he and some friends cut school and decided to go to the church and ROCK out...hehehehhe poor brother, little did he know, Mom and Dad forgot something and came back for it..and he was busted...LOL, Mom clouded up and stormed all over Bub!! We all still giggle about it, I think the guys thought our mom was whacko!!NEVER a dull moment around our house as kids!!

More Evangelists Story....

One year we had a evangelist come from Texas, and he was a Aggie fan...OHH man was he ever a Aggie fan...anyway he had this cap, and he wore it all the time (except to church) and one day I dont know what he was doing or why she did it, but my Momma stomped Bro Randy's Aggie hat, I will never forget the look on this man's face, I really thought he was going to cry, I wonder if he remembers that..ehhehe  ~Cindy~

Evangelists were always fun, we had one family that came every year, they had 3 teenage daughters and a travel trailer, and a chihuahua dog name Bijoux (be-jew). That dog hated kids, and any time it was outside we stayed away, it was a ankle biter. My brothers biggest joy was to watch and see when it was outside and then tease it, or tease someone else. There was a teenage boy who lived down the road and he gravitated to our house the first year they came, you know something about **GIRLS***, well my brother told this boy to come up to the house and he would introduce them, so up to the house he came, but Danny, my brother kept the boy busy inside until he heard them let the dog out, so then he told him to "Come on, I will introduce you now." Off they brother letting the boy walk in front and when they got close to the trailer my brother took off and ran to the edge of the house, and peeked around the edge just laughing like crazy as the boy was trying to get away from the dog. The evangelist watched it all out the window and got a big kick out of my brother setting that kid up.

Another story about this same evangelist was, that one year during the revival everytime he would get started preaching, this one woman would run to the altar and carry on, and while we are Pentecostal, it was obvious it was all a show. One night after carrying on at the altar, after the sermon she approached the evangelist for prayer. She asked him to pray for her to quit smoking. He told her "Stick your tongue out" and she did and he anointed it with olive oil. I imagine it was the nastiest tasting stuff, our olive oil was OLD as the hills, he laughed and said I bet her cigarette will taste really bad when she lights one up next time.~Cindy Loven~