For the Pastor's Wife

This page is dedicated to listing resources helpful for the Pastors Wife...

My prayer is that you find help and encouragement on/in the resources listed. I have explored the websites, and some of the books I have read and some were recommendations..I hope you enjoy them.

God Bless You

Cindy Loven


Websites for the Pastors' Wife

 Women's Ministry
Thriving in the Fishbowl
Just Between Us Magazine
Health of Pastors Wives
Statistics for the Pastoral Family

Books for the Pastors' Wife

Quiet Moments for Ministry Wives

by Joyce Williams *New 2006*

Renewal On the Run:Embracing the Priveledges

and Expectations of a Ministry Wife by Jill Briscoe

*New 2005*

She Can't Even Play the Piano, Insights for Ministry

Wives *New 2005*

Compiled by Joyce Williams

A Life Embraced by Gail Haggard

*New 2005*

Handbook for Ministers Wives:Sharing the

Blessing of Your Marriage, Family and Home

by Dorothy Kelly Patterson

Who'd Be A Minister's Wife

by Heather Tinker

Called, Chosen and Faithful

by Betty Norcross

Heart to Heart with Pastors Wives by Lynne Dugan and Lunne Dugan

Counsel for Pastors Wives by Diane Langberg

Private Lives of Pastor's Wives by Ruth A. Tucker

Married to a Pastor by H.B. London Jr and Neil B. Wiseman

Help! I'm a Ministers Wife by Tina Wright

I'm More than a Pastor's Wife by Lorna Dobson

Devotions for the Ministry Wife by Barbara Hughes

High Call High Priveledge by Gail McDonald

The Pastor's Wife Today by Donna Sinclair

Help I'm a Pastor's Wife edited by Michelle Buckingham

The Guilt Free Book for Pastor's Wives by Ruth Senter

Being a Minister's Wife and Being Yourself by Nancy Pannell